Atlaua is a charismatic leader and an inspired creator whose art is ever changing. She is rarely satisfied with what she’s done and always seeks to improve it. She can be fickle and flighty, and there are many myths that involve her amorous exploits with such creatures as mermen, selkies, mortal sea elves, humans, satyrs, other gods from various pantheons and even one Archdemoness, it is rumored.


Atlaua’s relationships to other deities varies more on the other’s opinion than her own. She is easy-going and generally holds neutrally positive feelings towards everyone. Her open sexuality cause Itzli and Xilonen some discomfort and they rarely associate with her, and her brother Xocotl hates her for being stronger than he is. On the other hand she has strong allies in Huantli, her occasional lover Tzatzimime, and Huehue who thinks of her as something of an adopted big sister.
Atlaua also tends to be on good terms with all of the lesser ocean gods of each of the races of the world, even if they do not like each other.


Atlaua appears as a full-figured woman with deep blue skin and hair made from crashing waves. She usually appears clad in white sea foam, strategically swirling around her body to show or hide whatever she wants. When angered she can summon her magical armor crafted from shimmering protean mithril and her massive sword known simply as “Wave”.

Church of Atlaua

Atlaua’s church has no central authority, each church interprets the tenets of the faith relative to the community that worships there. Some emphasize the need to respect everyone, even enemies you must destroy; others focus on love and freedom of the heart; those near ports are usually more interested in safe sea voyages and good fishing.

Worshippers and Clergy
Atlaua is worshiped primarily by sailors and fishermen and others who make their living on the sea, though she is liked by most of the civilized people of Ocean and it is common to offer tribute for success in love and lust alike. Clerics dress in white diaphanous robes, reminiscent of their goddess’ garb, and they polish their armor and weapons to a mirror finish.

Temples and Shrines
Temples are typically built as close to the ocean as possible, usually on a beach or pier. Usually stone, they are open on the seaward side, with the altar just at the edge of the floor. Rooms for priests are allowed to be enclosed but the Sanctum must always remain open.

Holy Texts
The Tome of Waves and Surf — Weighty tome filled with history and ritual
Atlaua’s Lovers — A sordid “pillow book” containing stories of some of the goddess’ more memorable dalliances, as told by Atlaua herself to a handsome young scribe.
Greater Deity
Titles: The Blue Lady
Sea Bitch
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: The Ocean
Free Love
Domains: Water
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? No
Druids? Yes


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