Celestus is a stern god who takes his position very seriously. Justice and the law are the most important ideals, and Justice comes first.

Nominally the leader of the Human pantheon of gods, Celestus values values justice and fairness. He works closely with Pellonia and Pax, and together they are known as the Triumvirate of Good. In addition to terrestrial justice, he also is often called upon to arbitrate conflicts between gods, even those of other pantheons, as he is known to always be fair and just.

Celestus appears to be a tall human gentleman with a long, white beard and an eyepatch. He wears a simple white toga, or the robes of a Judge for whatever culture he is appearing to. He carries a mighty hammer, and can manifest shining plate armor when required.

Church of Celestus

The Church of Celestus is devoted to furthering the causes of Justice and Good in the world. Clergy frequently serve as judges, wardens or arbitrators in communities too small to have an established legal system.

Worshippers and Clergy
All who value Justice and Fairness give praise to Celestus. Clergy dress in simple white togas when serving in the temple, with a colored stripe along the edge designating rank. When they are acting in their capacity as judges they wear the uniform appropriate to the nation they are serving. Clerics of Celestus bring law to lawless lands, often serving as judge, jury, and executioner. Without a civilized legal code with which to guide their judgments, they often default to a doctrine roughly equivalent to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” However, Tyrrans prefer to err on the side of mercy, and frequently commute otherwise harsh sentences for cases in which the offender was ignorant of any wrongdoing. Such criminals usually find their names recorded in the cleric’s Book of Lawgiving, which is then shared with the nearest temples to prevent that perpetrator repeating the offense and getting off lightly.

Temples and Shrines
Temples of varying sizes are built in almost every major settlement and frequently do duty as courthouses. They are generally solidly built, and larger ones can include dedicated courtrooms, holding cells and offices. Most courts have shrines to Celestus even if they are secular.

Holy Texts
The Books of Justice — One of these magical tomes is kept in every major temple. Anything written in one volume appears in all the others. It is used to record the identities of lawbreakers. All of the temples replace the books at the same time when they fill up, and old volumes are archived.
The Law of the Land — A collection of nine basic laws that Celestus has decreed to apply in all human lands, and his Clerics enforce them in lawless places.
Law and Mercy — A philosophical treatise on balancing the absolute law with mercy and reason, which is the nature of Justice.

Titles: Lawgiver

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Good
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? Yes


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