Coatlicue is an elderly goddess, slow moving and stuck in her ways like the stone itself. Her mind is sharp though, and her withered appearance belies a very powerful goddess indeed.


Coatlicue has few enemies, but few friends. All of the other gods respect her for her wisdom and power, but her thorny personality and blunt attitude make alliances rare. Indeed, only Xilonen can really be said to be friendly with her.


Coatlicue appears at first glance to be a tiny, ancient woman of indeterminate race. Already small, she is stooped and bent with age, shorter even than a Halfling, but this hides the fact that she is still the strongest of all of the gods. Her walking stick, which stands many feet taller than her, also hides powerful magic within a deceptive appearance, and when needed the wooden exterior falls away to reveal a great stone club, banded in raw iron ore and studded with unworked adamantium, that the tiny goddess wields with great ferocity.

Church of Coatlicue

Coatlicue’s church is common among all civilizations, but especially the Dwarves, Gnomes and Drow, as she is the mother of all three races’ Stone gods, and she is venerated alongside her sons. The Church of Coatlicue believes in stoicism, strength and truth. They speak truth to power, and defend the land and the people dedicated to them against any odds.

Worshipers and Clergy
All who live on the land pay some homage to Coatlicue, though she has few dedicated servants. Her priests are known for giving excellent advice and being very good judges of character, but tend to be blunt and cranky and the advice they give is not sugar coated or tempered. Clergy dress comfortably, initiates wear green robes of fabric appropriate to the climate, and more experienced clergy are allowed to wear whatever they like, usually in dark greens. Holy symbols are worked from single pieces of natural stone and polished to bring out the natural beauty.

Temples and Shrines
Temples are low and solidly built, made from sough stone blocks quarried from around their own foundations. They typically have spacious basements and are highly defensible. Underground temples are also common, built in naturally occurring caves. Shrines abound, especially underground, and can be carved into any stone face, from cliffs to cave walls, to even city walls.

Holy Texts
Stone and Iron — The basic holy text of the faith. Different versions are in use by different races and nations, but the general ideas are the same.
Wisdom — Copies are carved in stone tablets, just like the original. Contains nine pieces of simple, straightforward advice from the Goddess herself.
Greater Deity
Titles: Grandmother Stone
The Iron Lady
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: The Land
Domains: Earth
Favored Weapon: Tetsubo
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? Yes
Druids? Yes


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