The opposite of his brother, Tonatiuh, in almost every way, Coyol is deeply interested in the goings-on of mortals and is known to frequently interact in person with particularly great individuals. He is charismatic, caring, genuinely loves his followers…but he is utterly mad. His madness grows as the moon waxes, and his sanity returns as it wanes in the sky, but when he is in the depths of his insanity he becomes melancholy, violent and paranoid.


Most of the other gods of Ocean know better than to ally themselves too closely with the unpredictable Coyol, but his charisma and charm is overwhelming, and none count him as an enemy either. His own feelings towards his peers are capricious and vary with his sanity.


Coyol appears as a tall, perfectly shaped male of indeterminate race, seemingly made from pure moonglow. He has no hair, and wears no clothes or jewelry. His eyes are wide, and his pupils are colored in concentric rings of purple; as the madness grows they glow with cool light.

Church of Deity

The church of Coyol is much like their patron. They are kind and charming when the moon is dark, but as the moon grows full they grow paranoid and insular. The closer to their god, the more they are affected by his mood.

Worshippers and Clergy
First among the followers of Coyol are the mad, who hope to gain some respite from their afflictions, even if it is only part of the month. He is also popular among charming rogues, flashing swashbucklers and dashing rakes. Coyol’s clergy are affected by his madness most strongly, and as the moon grows full they lock the doors of their temples and revel in an orgy of madness during the nights of the full moon, emerging after with torn vestments and minor injuries, ready to heal and aid again.

Temples and Shrines
Temples are typically built with high, solid walls, to protect those outside during the full moon as much as to protect the priests within. Architectural styles vary and typically match the area they are constructed in. Shrines are rare, as holy sites that are not enclosed are thought to bring madness to those near them.

Holy Texts
The Books of Lunacy — Thirteen volumes of the mad ramblings of the god, dictated to a loyal follower many millenia ago over the course of many years.
Greater Deity
Titles: The Eye of Night
The Mad Lover
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Love
Domains: Charm
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? Yes


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