Dwarven Religion

The Dwarves have a small pantheon, with each of their gods encompassing a large portfolio. They tend to be devout, with each individual Dwarf choosing one patron god during their coming of age ceremony. Changing patron is rare, and choosing a god that is not part of the racial pantheon is even more rare, and can result in rumors and odd looks.
The Dwarven gods are stoic and skilled, like the Dwarves themselves, and are interested in the lives of their followers.

  • Moradin (LG) – God of Dwarvenkind, Mining, Protection, Creation, Oaths, War, Honor, Glory

  • Sharindlar (NG) – Goddess of Healing, Mercy, Love, Fertility, Dancing, Courtship, Family

  • Laduguer (N) – God of Magic, Art, Crafting, Smithing, Knowledge, Invention, Discovery

  • Vergadain (N) – God of Wealth, Luck, Chance, Suspicion, Trickery, Negotiation, Cleverness

  • Dumathoin (N) – God of Buried Wealth, Ores, Gems, Mining, Exploration, Death and the Dead

  • Abbathor (NE) – God of Greed, Conquest, War, Treachery, Revenge, Grudges, Pain

Names and some portfolios taken from Forgotten Realms, because coming up with names is a pain in the ass.

Dwarven Religion

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