Gasiyu is a goddess of Freedom, first and foremost. She believes that all things should be free to pursue whatever goals and actions they wish, to range across the world and see and do everything it has to offer. She often manifests in the material world to better experience reality, and she loves interacting with mortals. She has been known to share a quiet drink and a story with adventurers in a bar, and then disappear without ever revealing her true identity, and she has manifested without warning in her full glory at weddings and festivals. Either way, those she takes a liking to find themselves a bit luckier for a time just from being in her presence.


Despite differing philosophies, the three Satyr deities get along with each other very well. They share a common goal of advancing and encouraging the Satyr race, and work together to that end, each in their own way.
Gasiyu is largely neutral with regards to the other racial pantheons. She has friendships with many of the other gods of travel and luck, especially Brandobaris and Avoreen, and Fortuna. She also has a deep respect for Tzatzimime, but she loves the world too much to support its goal of ultimate destruction.


Gasiyu appears as a tall Nymph with long, cascading hair that changes colors as she moves. She is plump (representing personal indulgence) but also muscular (representing strength of both arms and will), and usually naked (representing freedom). She carries an ornate long spear that doubles as a walking staff, which is covered in trophies, souvenirs and fetishes. It is said anyone looking at it long enough will see every sacrifice they have ever made to the goddess mixed among her many treasures.

Church of Gasiyu

Followers of Gasiyu believe that personal freedom is the highest good there is. They believe that each person has the right to be free to live and do what they want. Different individuals interpret this differently depending on their personal moral compass.

On the more Compassionate end of the spectrum, Gasiyans believe in freedom and liberty for all, responsible actions and indulging their liberty ethically so that it doesn’t impair other individuals from finding their own freedom.
More Misanthropic Gasiyans on the other hand take their faith as an excuse to do what they want regardless of the effect it has on others. They embrace chaos and anarchy, and act on their impulses and lusts.
Both interpretations are acceptable to Gasiyu.

Worshippers and Clergy
Worshippers dress and act according to their own tastes, as befits a god of freedom. The only common marker is a triangular tetrahedon, which is made by the individual wearer according to tradition. As such materials and quality vary, from simple clay and carved wood, to perfectly measured cut gems or precious metals.
There few formal clergy of Gasiyu, and fewer temples. Clergy wear what they like for the most part, usually favoring comfortable robes or lighter outfits depending on climate, but all wear a stole embroidered with triangles, and having triangular tassels at each end. The color of the stole is determined by which temple they serve at (or trained at, or feel a strong affinity for).

Temples and Shrines
Shrines to Gasiyu are usually built by individual worshippers along the sides of roads, on small islands, or in hard to reach places of great natural beauty.

Temples, on the rare occasion they exist, are usually built just outside of normal travel routes and serve as inns to weary travelers in addition to temples. They are generally built from local materials, and combine a small chapel and quarters for one to three Priests or chaplains with a kitchen, bar and common room, and sometimes private rooms for rent as well. They are visible from great distances as a polished metal holy symbol is raised on a tall pole over the building and it glimmers in the sun and moon in a distinctive way that travelers can learn to recognize.

Holy Text
Liberation — Written on a scroll of wooden laths, this book briefly details the philosophy of Gasiyu as it is applied in the life of the worshipper

(A regular tetrahedron of any material)

Titles: Chainbreaker
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Chaos
Favored Weapon: Longspear
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? No
Druids? Yes


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