The overall goddess of Death in the world of Ocean, she holds authority over all the other gods that claim Death among their Portfolio, and can grant or revoke those powers. Far from being macabre or dour, she is gentle and friendly. She loves life and living things, and sees her own role as a necessary part of life. She loves to attend births and celebrations of living, leaving the day-to-day administration of end-of-life matters to the lesser death gods.


Huantli gets along especially well with the nature gods Ometochtli and Xilonen, as well as Oxomoco. Her only real enemies are Itzli and Xocotl, whom she dislike for their capricious destructiveness and wanton killing.


Huantli appears as a very pale female of whatever species the viewer is. Even other gods are subject to this, seeing her as pale, feminine versions of themselves. The only individual who has ever seen her true form is herself, and she isn’t talking. She wears black explorer’s garb, or when appropriate sumptuous ebony ball gowns with silver trim. She carries a scythe as the symbol of her office.
She is sometimes accompanied by her loyal hound, Tamoan. He is a sleek, black dog and a Demigod in his own right. His bark can frighten the spirit, and his bite can tear the soul from a body, but his tongue can cure any wound and even raise the dead if his mistress so commands.

Church of Huantli

The church believes in preserving life when possible, and making the transition to the next world as easy as it can be when it is inevitable. They support their communities and encourage life and growth.

Worshippers and Clergy
While each race has its own god of death, all of them recognize that Huantli is the highest authority in such matters. Because of their emphasis on healing and life, churches of Huantli frequently are the core of their communities. Priests walk a fine line, on the one hand they are jovial community leaders, midwives and advisers; on the other hand, they must also be hospes, undertakers and ministers to the bereaved. While black robes are the official raiment of their faith, during times of joy they tend towards bright colors with black being relegated to a scarf or sleeve.

Temples and Shrines
Temples to Huantli are strange places. The main rooms are spacious and bright, but deeper inside are the dim, cool rooms where the dead repose until they can be buried. To the right of the entrance is always a courtyard of some sort, used for holy days and festivals, and to the left is the graveyard.

Holy Texts
Do Not Fear What Comes After — A collection of the words of the Goddess to loyal followers throughout the years. Frequently updated.
Revels and Wakes — Rituals and celebrations of every stage of life from birth to death.
Not Due Yet My Kiss — Considered one of the most complete texts concerning the healing arts in the world.
Greater Deity
Titles: First Death
The Black Maiden
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Death
Domains: Death
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? No


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