Huehue is the bouncy, giggling Trickster goddess of the world, and goddess of Luck. She is courageous, but flighty and unpredictable. Of all of the gods of the world, she feels the most connection to the mortal races, especially Elves, having lived among them for some time. She is a young goddess and is still learning to fully control her more instinctual and innate powers. She loves songs and stories, and has been known to manifest quietly in the audience during truly great performances, granting great fortune to the artist if she is pleased. This has caused her to be seen an unofficial deity of the arts.

When Tzatzimime was defeated during the last Great Cataclysm, a piece of its body broke off and fell into the sea as a shooting star. The piece landed unseen on a boat of Elven and Half-Elven refugees fleeing the destruction, and took on a similar shape to blend in. The last of its power exhausted, it — she fell into a deep sleep and awoke remembering nothing. She was adopted by an Elven couple that could not have children of their own and grew up in a refugee camp set up on a distant island. She was named “Fortunate” in the Elven tongue. Her family and her community saw great fortune during those years, and it thrived by her presence, despite her lack of understanding of her power and her origin.
After almost a century, her divine power began to develop and it attracted the attention of Atlaua, who simply walked out of the sea one day and into the village. She took Huehue under her care and brought her into the family of gods of the world. She took the divine name Huehue because it has the same meaning in the Old Tongue as the name her Elven parents gave her many years previously. That village is still sacred to Huehue, and it and the decendants of her adopted family are blessed by great fortune to this day.

Most of the other deities look askance at Huehue, since she is a piece of the one who nearly destroyed the world, but time and again she has proven herself to be her own goddess. Her only close relationship is with Atlaua, who she sees as a big sister-figure. The only thing she fears, deity or mortal, is Tzatzimime, who she worries will consume and absorb her should he ever free himself.

Huehue appears to be a jovial, adolecent half-elven girl with sparkling emerald eyes, typically dressed in simple leather adventuring clothes. She likes to wear her golden hair cropped short, but her divinity causes it to rapidly grow and she does not have the experience to control it so she is forced to hack it off with her magical dagger on a regular basis.

Church of Huehue

The Church of Huehue considers its primary responsibility to be the protection and nurturing of orphans and impoverished and refugee children. Temples can be found in every major city and temporary structures are erected at refugee camps, and children are always welcomed with a bed and a meal, and if they wish may stay and join the order. On occasion unwanted infants are dropped off at the church and they are raised in the order.

Worshippers and Clergy
Huehue’s followers certainly include many of the children helped by her church, but she is popular with individuals from all walks of life, especially gamblers, bards, rogues and others who rely on luck and trickery in making their living. All of her clergy grew up in the order, and tend to be happy and adventurous individuals. They care for the children under their protection as their highest calling.

Temples and Shrines
Temples of Huehue are found in two types. The first are the sprawling complexes of the Silver Temples that care for children, and house and educate the next generation of clergy. These are usually built just outside of major cities, and feature at least one defensible building where residents can gather if threatened, though by the grace of their Goddess this is rarely necessary. The second, and more common are the Gold Temples devoted to her Luck aspect. Commonly found in the vice districts of cities, these temples are gambling houses and theaters run by the church. In addition to being the main source of income for funds to operate, they act as waypoints for children to escape lives of slavery or poverty and escape to the Silver Temples, or at least have a hot meal if they choose to return to their lives.

Holy Texts
Fortune Favors the Bold — A collection of stories, fables and myths regarding the adventures of the goddess and some of her favored champions.
On Children — A guidebook on child rearing, considered the standard within the faith. Most outside the faith consider it far too permissive.
Huehue’s Book of Rules — The official rules to hundreds of games of chance. The only allowed rule set at Gold Temples.
Titles: Luckbringer
Alignment: Chaotic Good**
Portfolio: Fortune
The Arts
Domains: Luck
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? No

*Huehue is a Deity, but her lack of control and experience means she has the effective power-level of a Demigod at this time.

**Follower alignments allowed: Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral. This is a rare instance where the Deity can call Clerics or Paladins despite them being more than one step removed from their deity’s alignment.


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