Itzli is Matlal’s cold and heartless son. Where his mother is aloof, Itzli is malicious. He has been given command of the weather patterns of the Southern continent, and he has made it his personal domain. He holds the dark land in an icy grip, and takes attempts to explore or conquer it as personal insults.

Other than his mother, Itzli has no friends among his fellow gods of the world. As long as he keeps his influence to the realm he has been granted, none of the others oppose him, except Xocotl who shares an extended rivalry.

Itzli appears as a tall, thin Elf carved from ice, which makes a creaking sound when he moves. His features are angular and his eyes are cold and solid black. He carries a wicked pick, the head is sheathed in a thin rime of frost and gives off a faint mist as it freezes the very air around it.

Church of Itzli

There is no organized church of Itzli.

Temples and Shrines
Settlements on the edges of the Southern continent will occasionally build temples to Itzli in an attempt to appease the god and turn his attentions elsewhere. They are simple structures outside the town walls, usually just a roof supported by posts over an altar and no priests attend them. Offerings are left on the altar for the wind and snow to carry away.

Small shrines are found throughout the South, built by the rare explorer, or by native creatures such as Frost Giants and Yeti.

Titles: Ice King
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Ice
The South
Domains: Weather
Favored Weapon: Pick
Paladins? Antipaladins
Inquisitors? No


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