Physical Description: Males Minotaurs have the heads of bulls on towering humanoid bodies of rippling muscles. They stand well over nine feet tall and upwards of three-hundred pounds, with broad shoulders and massive powerful frames. Their heads are massive, with long wickedly sharp horns and fur that ranges from black to red to white. In addition to the shaggy fur that extends down their backs, they have massive hooves at the ends of their legs and bovine tails and patches of fur. Females are smaller, and have sleeker bovine heads with smaller horns, but they are just as powerful and muscled as their male counterparts.
Minotaurs have little use for clothing, and are highly resistant to extreme environments. Other than armor, males and females wear nothing at all, though they are usually covered in layers of dirt, grease and dried blood, and matted fur.

Society: Minotaur society is based entirely around the veneration of Tzatzimime, the god of Destruction and Chaos, who is seen as the creator of the Minotaur race and the only god deserving of worship. Society is arranged into theocratic herds, with the Priesthood of Tzatzimime ruling absolutely over all. Every newborn is raised by the herd as a whole, and is trained to fight from the time they can walk, and males and females are generally equally dangerous.
Calves that show some skill beyond fighting may be called up to join the priesthood, or trained as a blacksmith, crafting the vicious morningstars and crude iron armor used by the strongest warriors. Especially dedicated fighters are sometimes chosen to apprentice to a Reaver, the honored wandering Antipaladins of Tzatzimime.

Very rarely, an individual will be born that rejects the culture of death and destruction, and refuses to follow the teachings of Tzatzimime. If they survive to adulthood, they are allowed by tradition to leave the herd peacefully, but from then on they may be attacked and killed on sight by any other Minotaur they encounter. They frequently find a place to belong in gladiatorial arenas, mercenary companies or as bodyguards, though some have excelled at more intellectual pursuits as scholars or wizards.

Relations: Minotaurs hate all non-Minotaurs, seeing all other species as nothing more than meat or potential sacrifice. They will eat any flesh, but especially prefer other sentient beings. They kill anyone that enters their territory, eat their fill, and use the remains to decorate their shrines to Tzatzimime. Warbands led by Reavers travel the oceans, assaulting ships and coastal towns, or carving bloody stripes across continents, destroying for its own sake.
Their legend has spread across the world. This makes most civilized people understandably terrified of any Minotaur. In more cosmopolitan cities though, there are enough legends of individual heroic Minotaurs that the concept has become romanticized and exiles can sometimes find a much warmer welcome than they expect.

Alignment & Religion: Almost all Minotaurs are Chaotic Misanthropic and follow Tzatzimime. The few exceptions can be any alignment, and usually follow one or more of the gods of the World, but not Tzatzimime.

Language: Minotaurs speak the Minotaur tongue, and they have been known to learn Common or Orcish.


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