Physical Description: Standing twice as tall as a man and three times the girth, Ogres are massive, ugly brutes. Their appearance varies from tribe to tribe, but generally they have pink-grey skin; dark, greasy hair; sharp, yellow teeth filling wide, hideous mouths; and huge distended stomachs. An ogre’s pride and joy is his gut, the larger it is the more prestige and respect it earns him within his tribe. Ogres eat anything and everything, and can digest the vast majority without complaint.

Society: An ogre revels in the misery of others. When smaller races aren’t available to crush between meaty fists or defile in blood-red lusts of violence, they turn to each other for entertainment. Nothing is taboo in ogre society. One would think that, left to themselves, an ogre tribe would quickly tear itself apart, with only the strongest surviving in the end—yet if there is one thing ogres respect, it is family.
Ogre tribes are known as families, and many of their deformities and hideous features arise from the common practice of incest. The leader of a tribe is most often the father of the tribe, although in some cases a particularly violent or domineering ogress claims the title of mother. Ogre tribes bicker among themselves, a trait that thankfully keeps them busy and turned against each other rather than neighboring races. Yet time and again, a particularly violent and feared patriarch rises among the ogres, one capable of gathering multiple families under his command.

Relations: Regions inhabited by ogres are dreary, ugly places, for these giants dwell in squalor and see little need to live in harmony with their environment. Thankfully they are primarily contained along the barren stretch of rocks and mountains known as “The Scar”, but their crude ships have become symbols of terror along the shipping lanes that pass near their territory, and the settlements that are close enough to raid. Scattered families also have taken up residence on barren islands and rocky outcrops across the globe and individuals occasionally strike out on their own seeking adventure and cruel sport, and they can be a nasty surprise for unwary explorers.

Alignment & Religion: The Ogres, on the rare occasion any outsider has communicated with one, hold that they have no gods. They did once, but the great Ogre heroes of old ate them and now their power is passed down the Families the same way, with each Chief killing and eating his predecessor.

Language: Ogres speak various dialects of Ogre. Occasionally they will learn a little of other languages, primarily for communicating with slaves.

(Partially taken from the Pathfinder Bestiary.)


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