As wild as the animals themselves, Ometochtli is an unpredictable force. He is wise, and strong, but not civilized. All animals are his, but domesticated creatures receive little mind from this god of the wilds.


Ometochtli cares little for the other gods and their politics. He stands apart, choosing to exclude himself. Xilonen has a soft spot for him, but the feeling is rarely returned.


Ometochtli can appear as a massive, black version of any animal that lives upon the world or beneath the waves. His mood determines his form, but when he is relaxed, his natural form is that of a huge black hare.

Church of Ometochtli

There is no formal church and little dogma, Ometochtli’s law is the law of the wild. As long as the balance and flow of nature is preserved, nothing else is especially important.

Worshippers and Clergy
Ometochtli considers his true followers to be the animals of the wild. There are some individuals that pay him homage, especially hunters who leave offerings after successful hunts out of respect. Clerics of Ometochtli are rare, most of his priests are Druids.

Temples and Shrines
There are no real temples to Ometochtli, but hunters and rangers leave offerings at his roadside shrines, and druids raise prayers to him in sacred groves and stone circles.

Holy Texts
Scroll of the Black Beast — The only holy writings known to exist, this is a brief list of tenets and ideals. It is short, but considered holy by followers.
Greater Deity
Titles: Black Beast
The Feral God
Great Hare
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Animals
Wild Places
Domains: Animal
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? No
Druids? Yes


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