The goddess of Darkness and the entity responsible for maintaining and regulating the magical energy that flows throughout the world. Oxomoco is a gentle goddess, soft-spoken and peaceful, but she is stern with regards to the laws of magic, and has more than enough power to enforce them.


Oxomoco is well-liked by most of the other gods, even Tonatiuh despite the conflict in their portfolios. She is quiet and retiring though, and really only connects with Huantli. She is intimidated by Xocotl and doesn’t like to be around him, and Xilonen is infatuated with her but has been too shy to approach her for millenia.


Oxomoco appears to be a petite humanoid of indeterminate race. Her skin is pale, and her long purple hair swirls around her, concealing most of her face. Her cloak is woven from strands of darkness itself, and she can disappear entirely when she sweeps it closed. She carries a powerful magical staff crafted from the wood of an ancient and magical tree and covered in intricate patterns of powerful magical sigils and runes, a gift from Xilonen.

Church of Oxomoco

The Church of Oxomoco is small and scattered, with few clergy and few worshipers, but they are powerful, boasting among their ranks some of the greatest Mages of Ocean. They work to collect, discover and protect all magical lore in Ocean, and in recent centuries they have expanded this mission to be keepers of books and scrolls of all types.

Worshippers and Clergy
The most numerous followers of Oxomoco are arcane magic users of all types, as she is the mistress of all magic on Ocean. Offerings and prayers are common before attempting important rituals or creation of powerful items, or for success in missions to retrieve some piece of lore. The church also hosts many sages and scribes, who work tirelessly to copy important works that can be copied for storage at other temples, or so that originals can be returned to their owners when borrowed. The clergy have a primary role of librarians and researchers, though many have some arcane spellcasting abilities, in addition to their divine powers.

Temples and Shrines
Temples are rare, and usually situated in or near centers of magic and learning. They feature vast libraries and rooms of scribal desks, and often have magical and alchemical laboratories available for a donation to the church. Understandably, they commonly feature numerous layers of powerful magical and non-magical defenses against thieves or vandals and can call upon powerful members for support. Small shrines are common in the dwellings or workspaces of mages of all types.

Holy Texts Oxomoco has no set holy texts, as all written words are holy to her.
Greater Deity
Titles: Mistress of Magic
The Librarian
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic
Domains: Magic
Favored Weapon: Staff
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? Yes


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