Oyohusa is a god of Law first. He is the protector of communities and families of any size, and the rules and laws that allow them to function. He cares less for individuals, and is more interested in the survival and thriving of populations as a whole, without regard for Good or Evil. He opposes Chaos in all its forms, and believes personal freedom needs to be secondary to the greater good.


Despite differing philosophies, the three Satyr deities get along with each other very well. They share a common goal of advancing and encouraging the Satyr race, and work together to that end, each in their own way.
Oyohusa also gets along well with most of the other deities that value Law above other concerns. He feels Celestus puts too much emphasis on Good and Evil though, and they have had lively debates on the meaning and nature of Right and Wrong.


Oyohusa appears as a great, towering Faun, clad in a breastplate of gleaming steel, with silver at his temples and streaking his fur. His face is stern and fatherly, and his hair and beard are neatly trimmed. Depending on his current role he carries either a huge, perfectly square, polished steel shield and a gleaming long sword; or a massive, razor-edged adamantium greatsword with a squared-off tip.

Church of Oyohusa

The Church of Oyohusa is the most hierarchical and intractable of any organization in Satyr society. It is the primary source for law and enforcement in every Satyr community of more than one or two families, and the Paladins and Inquisitors that wander the world bring that justice to the most remote corners. Caring little for Compassion, but also bearing little patience for Misanthropy, the local clergy record and uphold whatever laws the community they are in chooses for themselves. Unless specifically asked, they are prohibited from offering opinion or giving advice on the specific content of the laws, unless they would clearly do damage to the community or family structure.

Worshippers and Clergy
Satyrs who believe in order and family tend to lean towards Oyohusa, especially those who decide to settle and build a community. The leaders of these communities, judges, constables, the wealthy and anyone who benefits from the status quo also tend towards his Judge aspect. Finally soldiers, Paladins, and bodyguards all tend to be drawn to his Protector aspect.

Temples and Shrines
Shrines are common and are usually built in front of homes next to the door or community buildings, but are also built at gallows and other legal execution sites. They typically consist of a simple stone or wooden cube on a raised platform. Especially wealthy worshippers have been known to pay for permanent Levitation spells to allow them to simply hover in place.

Temples to Oyohusa are in almost every Satyr community of more than a few families, and also act as the main governmental building, courthouse and community center. Clergy are prohibited from holding any political office, but they act as judges and police to enforce the laws that the community makes for itself.

Holy Texts
The Laws of the World — A slim volume listing basic “laws” of civilization that (according to the church) apply to everyone no matter who or where they are; Primarily carried by Paladins and Inquisitors at large
The Family of Oyohusa — A thick tome that details every aspect of the church and its hierarchy and rituals
Justice for All — Common and cheaply printed, this is a book of short stories for lay people and children that teach the lessons of Oyohusa

(An unmarked cube of any material)

Titles: Lawkeeper
The Judge
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Community
Favored Weapons: Longsword
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? Yes
Druids? No


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