Pax has an bubbly personality and optimistic disposition that superficially makes her seem a bit airheaded, but in fact she may be the most intelligent deity in the human pantheon, if not the entire world of Ocean. She works towards gaining and maintaining peace and prosperity in all of the lands of humanity, but she is not a pacifist. Peace requires constant work and vigilance, a fact she knows all too well.

As part of the Triumvirate of Good she works closely with Celestus and Pellonia. She is good friends with Saturn and Lua. She also has a very stormy romantic relationship with Nike, the Goddess of War, despite their portfolios being at odds.

Pax appears to be a tall young woman with long blond hair, held in two pigtails by mithril hair clips, and a contagious smile. Her sky blue eyes sparkle when she is pleased. She wears a diaphanous robe in pale sky blue belted by a rope of woven mithril cord. When need arises she will defend her ideals with her shimmering, silvery longsword.

Church of Pax

The Church of Pax believes in gaining and maintaining peace, but not at the expense of liberty or justice. They will fight if required, but more often act as ambassadors and negotiators to broker peaceful solutions to conflicts of all sizes.

Worshippers and Clergy
Pax has few formal worshipers, and the church accepts that they will be taken for granted during times of extended peace, feeling that extended peace is worth that price. During wartime, the pews fill and people of all walks of life turn to the Princess of Peace again. The clergy of Pax are trained to act as ambassadors and to broker treaties and peace deals. Traveling Clerics and Paladins try to spread peace with their words and deeds, but if necessary they will defend it with the blade of a sword.

Temples and Shrines
Temples of Pax vary with the local architecture, but they are always painted pure white, and sparkle slightly in the direct sunlight. In times of war it is considered very bad luck to damage these temples, and therefore they commonly act as refuges for civilians as well.

Holy Texts
The Air is Warm and PLeasant — Prayers and fables mixed with detailed information to aid in peaceful conflict resolution.
Fighting for Peace — A code and manual for militant orders of peace.

Titles: Princess of Peace
Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Good
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? Yes


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