Tonatiuh is heartless and uncaring, but not cruel. The god of the Sun, and most high among the Immortals has little care for the mortals that crawl on the planet’s surface, good or ill. He does have his followers, but for the most part the residents of Ocean think of him like the sun itself: Huge and distant and uncaring, but they wouldn’t want to do without.


Tonatiuh doesn’t get involved in the celestial political games of the other gods. He is opposed by one or another on occasion but holds no grudges and regards all of the gods, Worldly and Racial, neutrally.


Tonatiuh, on the rare occasion he appears, or when he is encountered in his home plane, appears as the sun itself. He is a shining point of light and heat that sears the eye and burns the skin, with a booming voice that seems to come from everywhere at once.

Church of Tonatiuh

The Church of Tonatiuh is not numerous, but it is vast and organized. They believe that the sun is the source of all life, and therefore things of darkness that avoid its light are bringers of death and destruction. They emulate their god by being shrewd, and occasionally heartless, but they do what needs to be done.

Worshippers and Clergy
Most respect Tonatiuh, but few worship him. He is popular among all walks of life, but is particularly worshiped among the rich and powerful among all races, who respect his position as the shining leader of the gods, and zealous crusaders who want to bring his holy light to the dark places of the world. His priests dress in intricately folded and wrapped linen togas with golden trim and embroidery.

Temples and Shrines
Tonatiuh’s temples are lavish and beautiful, but they are few. The main temple is located in the great desert of the North, which is considered holy land as the light of the sun never sets. Shrines are more common, being popular with farmers and anyone else who relies on the sun’s power. They grow more common towards the South as the Sun’s rays shine less strongly.

Holy Texts
The Golden Tome — Contains the basic tenets of the faith
Prayers of the Most High — Collected prayers to Tonatiuh
Greater Deity
Titles: Most High
Golden God
The Eternal Light
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Light
Domains: Sun
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Paladins? Yes
Inquisitors? Yes


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