Tzatzimime is a being of pure Chaos. It cares for nothing save destruction and would destroy the very world in a heartbeat if allowed to, but it bears a canny intelligence as well. It was the cause of the last Great Cataclysm, and was only defeated by the united forces of most of the gods of Ocean, and the sacrifice of the entire Elven pantheon. It cannot be killed, as it is a fundamental force that is necessary for the world to function, so it was locked away deep within the planet, hopefully forever.


Tzatzimime is antagonistic with all the other deities of Ocean. It has no interest in any of them except as tools to manipulate towards its goals, but this is not something it excels at. It is particularly hated by the Elves for its role in the destruction of their gods and homeland.


Tzatzimime appears to be a roiling vortex of pure entropic energy, flashes of discordant colors ripple through its mass at random. When it speaks, its voice seems to come from everywhere, and grates like fingernails on a slate.

Church of Tzatzimime

The Church of Tzatzimime has two goals at this time. The first is to simply cause as much destruction as possible. The second is to free their god from its prison so it can finally destroy the world. They just want to watch the world burn.

In addition to the humanoid worshippers of Tzatzimime, Minotaurs are its chosen people and highest servants. They are scattered, but there are at least a few mighty warriors standing guard at every blasphemous holy site and twisted cairn where Tzatzimime’s power leaks through into the world, and a few mighty herds garrison great blasted labyrinthine temples hewn into the very rock in some of the most inhospitable places in the world.

Worshippers and Clergy
Very few among the “civilized” lands actually worship Tzatzimime, and even fewer do so publicly. Due to their tenets, the religion is proscribed in all but the most anarchistic civilizations, and worship of the god is illegal. His followers are primarily psychopaths and madmen, but on occasion philosophers, intellectuals or bored nobles will adopt the faith for one reason or another. Revolutionaries fighting against slavery or tyranny will sometimes adopt his as well, as a symbol of tearing down the oppressor and the chaos of freedom, but this fervor is often corrupted to more destructive ends.

Almost all Minotaurs worship Tzatzimime as their creator and only god. They are born into Its service and live only to further Its goals and die for Its glory. Vile rituals and blood sacrifices are performed at the various standing stones and cairns and blighted places that mark Tzatzimime’s intrusions, but most of the Minotaurs that defend these unhallowed sites are warriors. There are few priests among them, but they are exceptionally powerful, combining the natural might and bloodlust of a Minotaur with the unholy power of Chaos. Some warriors are caught up in religious fervor and take on the mantle of an Antipaladin of Tzatzimime. These rare and dangerous individuals often lead expeditions from the great fortress labyrinths to find new sites of power and to simply spread chaos and destruction in the name of Tzatzimime.

Temples and Shrines
The few temples that are devoted to Tzatzimime are heavily fortified castles. They know they are almost universally reviled, and their god will not protect them. Small shrines occasionally are erected by lone madmen or cells of followers to commemorate great acts of destruction. They are frequently torn down when discovered by civilized individuals, but this too is an act that gives power to the god.

Minotaurs venerate Tzatzimime wherever his power leaks through his prison and blights the world. Small fissures in reality create great, twisted standing stones; towering, gnarled, dark trees; dead, blighted clearings in verdant woods; poisonous, polluted oases; or any number of other effects. Minotaur warriors are drawn to these sites and set up warcamps around them, standing guard and protecting these breaches from any who might try to seal them. In time the area becomes littered with grisly trophies and the remains of numerous sacrifices. At the sites of older or larger breaches, the Minotaurs carve massive fortresses directly into the natural terrain using powerful magics and sheer brawn.

Holy Texts Tzatzimime has no surviving holy texts.
Greater Deity
Titles: Great Destroyer
The Ender
Most Hated
Imprisoned One
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Chaos
Domains: Chaos
Favored Weapon: Morningstar
Paladins? Antipaladins
Inquisitors? No


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