Very little is known about Utivhi itself. It rarely involves itself directly in mortal affairs, and when it does it is generally for the purposes of returning balance to a situation that threatens the world, or at least the Satyr race. It is calm, speaks rarely, and spends most of its time looking inward, meditating on concepts beyond the comprehension of mortals, or even most deities.


Despite differing philosophies, the three Satyr deities get along with each other very well. They share a common goal of advancing and encouraging the Satyr race, and work together to that end, each in their own way.
Beyond that, Utivhi has very few interactions with other deities, or opinions on them. Other than its siblings Gasiyu and Oyohusa, the only other deity that regularly interacts with it is Kallipygia, who has fallen in love with the enigmatic deity, and regularly invites it to her various revels and parties, trying to encourage it to relax and enjoy life more. While still inscrutable, it has become more communicative over the centuries, and it is possible she is slowly making an impression.


Utivhi, on the rare occasion anyone has actually seen it, appears to be a softly glowing gray sphere. The glow brightens when it speaks, and dims when its attention is elsewhere. Those who have tried say that they cannot actually touch it, their fingers sliding across without friction, never actually contacting its surface. It can move and see in any direction, and when it speaks its voice doesn’t come from anywhere, simply appearing in the listener’s mind, and always in their own whispered voice.

Church of Utivhi

Utivhian Satyrs strive for balance and understanding, first of the Self, then of the World. The faith stresses meditation and study regardless of what the final goal is. There are some parts of the faith that lean towards Misanthropy, just as there are some portions that are more Compassionate, but as in all things, the faith in general strives for balance. This is especially apparent in their wedding ceremonies which bring together two disparate spirits in a balanced whole for a one year cycle, then frees them to seek balance each in their own way again.

Worshippers and Clergy
The strenuous tenets of the faith result in few lay worshipers. Most who feel a strong connection to Utivhi find a temple or monastery and enter the clergy formally, or if they are of a more wilderness bent, a Satyr Druidic Circle. The rare lay worshiper wears a holy symbol consisting of a small sphere, made from any material they feel a connection to. It will be near-perfect, even if made by unskilled hands, with artisans occasionally reporting they felt a holy power gently guiding their hands while they work.

Temples and Shrines
Shrines are uncommon, only appearing in Druidic groves dedicated to Utivhi. They take the form of perfect spheres made from local natural materials, and worked only with hand tools and magic.
Temples are usually stone, and are built in remote and inaccessible locations. They are often monasteries, and are built to block out the outside world and allow uninterrupted meditation and study to the otherwise distractable Sstyrs. They are centers of learning and peace, but also of study. Both the arcane and martial arts are taught to any who will attend and persevere to improve themselves.

Holy Texts
The Balance of All Things — A treatise on the nature of elemental forces and life and death
Perfect Life, Perfect Soul — Meditations to center the body and spirit
Secrets of the Universe — Very rare tome containing ancient secrets and spells

(A perfect sphere of any material)

Titles: The Circle
The Gate Keeper
Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Death
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Two-bladed Sword
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? Yes
Druids? Yes


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