Xilonen is a quiet, stoic god. He tends to all of the plants of the world like a massive garden. He rarely speaks, but he is known for his wisdom, and when he chooses to make his opinion known, the other gods take notice.


As the living embodiment of all plants, aquatic and terrestrial, Xilonen deals frequently with Atlaua and Coatlicue, and he is on friendly terms with Ometochtli. He occasionally butts heads with Xocotl, but he recognizes the necessity of fire and destruction as part of the natural cycle. He has great respect for Tonatiuh as well.


Xilonen looks like a very elderly Dwarf made from leaves and vines, that vary in color with the seasons. In summer he is rotund and verdant, while in the winder he is gray and brown and emaciated. He carries a simple staff, which grows from his hand and is a living part of his body.

Church of Xilonen

There is no formal church of Xilonen, but he has many followers. Some indeas vary from place to place, but some tenants are universal. His worshipers are expected to cultivate and protect plants in myriad forms. He is the god of farms and gardens as much as wild plants, and he encourages continued improvement in farming techniques and technology, while also protecting the true wild places from encroachment.

Worshippers and Clergy
Anyone who makes their life or living from things that grow give honor to Xilonen. His true servants though are the druids that live deep in the wild places and protect and defend his groves and forests, be they tree, kelp or grass.

Temples and Shrines
Like Ometochtli, Xilonen has few formal temples. His church is one of druids and wild places, and his temples are sacred groves of oak trees or mighty kelp. Smaller shrines to Xilonen are common though, taking the form of smaller versions of his sacred groves. Farms will frequently have a small ring of saplings dedicated to him, and even home gardeners will plant a ring of herbs or flowers in a round pot in his honor.

Holy Texts
Herbs and Herbal Remedies — The most complete guidebook to herbalism and natural healing on Ocean.
The Scroll of the Tree — An ancient scroll, written on a single piece of birch bark 376 feet in length, coaxed from the tree by the power of Xilonen himself. It holds the secret mysteries of the faith.
Greater Deity
Titles: Green Man
Wise Oak
Master of the Wilds
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Plants
Domains: Plant
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? No
Druids? Yes


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