Intense and wild like the element he embodies, Xocotl has a blazing spirit and always seeks glory and power above all else.


Most of the calmer gods do not associate with Xocotl, believing him to be a loose cannon, too unpredictable and destructive to make a good ally. Only Tzitzimime counts him as a friendly rival. He hates his sister Atlaua, as she has always been stronger and is always the one who puts him back in his place when he threatens to get out of control. He also has a standing rivalry with Itzli but they have been at a stalemate for millenia.


While he can appear as blazing flames of any size and shape, his natural appearance and the one he is most comfortable in is that of a large, powerful man with deep red skin constantly licked by ethereal flames. He wears rough brass armor that he crafted himself by heating the brass and stretching and shaping it with his bare hands, and carries a long sword that is wreathed in tongues of fire.

Church of Xocotl

The Church of Xocotl believes that those fit to succeed will do so, and that Xocotl’s faith is innately superior to all other faiths, particularly that of Atlaua. They are accepting of new members, and anyone has a chance to advance withing the church regardless of birth, but the road is hard and dangerous, and many new adepts do not survive to become initiates.

Worshippers and Clergy
The clergy of the Church are ruthless, ambitious individuals who care little for those below them. The lower members of the church are mostly made up of poor and downtrodden souls who see the faith as a rare opportunity for advancement. Organization is hierarchical but fluid, and success and failure can result in rapid promotion or punishment.

Temples and Shrines
Temples to Xocotl are rare among the Elves, Satyrs and Halflings, but Dwarves tend to keep small shrines in their forges. Gnomes, Humans and Orcs more frequently have shrines or temples, though they emphasize different aspects of the faith. Temples are typically stone, or some other non-flammable material. Trim and fittings are brass, and torches and braziers line hallways and rooms creating a hot, smoky atmosphere.

Holy Texts
Of Fire and Smoke — Bound in gold and printed on brass leaf
Greater Deity
Titles: Flamelord
The Ever Hungry
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Fire
Personal Glory
Domains: Fire
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Paladins? No
Inquisitors? No


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