Update (8/8/13)

I have just uploaded preliminary Maps of all nine Human-based nations. More to follow.

Update (7/29/13)

So this is still in progress, but I have finished a whole bunch I am proud of, including a lot of entries in the various world religions (Nature, Humanity, Elves and Satyrs), a work-in-progress Equipment section, new Racial entries accessible from the main page, and new Languages for all of the races.

There are many things I still need to work on, but I welcome feedback and suggestions.

New campaign!

I had an idea, and it has been banging around in my head growing bigger and bigger.
I’ve been writing notes on dozens and dozens of 3×5 index cards, but the time has come to start putting things together.
So here it is, my first attempt at a complete, original campaign world in 16 years.

Some things are staying the same from the core rules, some are changing a little, and some are completely new (Satyrs, Sea Elves, the Elven language, the world itself, and a variation on the traditional Alignment system).

Planet Ocean