Physical Description: Centaurs have the upper body of a human attached to the body of a horse. They generally have dark hair and eyes, broad features, and deeply tanned skin from constant exposure to the heat and sun of the far North. Their horse bodies tend towards brown tones with white patches, though individuals with mostly or entirely white coats do exist. There is not a lot of variation in appearance, and all known living individuals are descended from a single tribe, the only members of their race to survive the Cataclysm. They appear to be largely immune to the detrimental effects of inbreeding, and have grown in population since then.

Society: Centaurs live in small nomadic groups scattered across the Northern continent. Their society is hierarchical, with leadership roles defined by family structure, and every individual knowing exactly who is above and below them. They have no written language, and keep their entire history by oral tradition, passing it down the generations. Storytelling is the center of their culture. Every member of the tribe is expected to eventually learn the entire history, so even if another disaster befalls the world, if even one Centaur survives their tale will not be lost. Bards are very common in their society, second only to warriors in numbers, and some skill in stories, music and magic is a prerequisite for any position of authority.

Relations: The Centaurs tend to be insular and warlike, suspicious of outsiders, and not above raiding settlements or caravans when resources are scarce. They tend to otherwise avoid other races and keep to themselves, disappearing into the vast desert of the North when approached. Rarely, an individual Centaur will leave the tribe, a decision that is not made lightly as it means they will be forever exiled, never allowed to return to their family. Individual Centaurs outside their tribe are all unique individuals, but they have a (only partially undeserved) reputation for being lustful drunkards and brawlers, especially among the coastal communities of the North.

Alignment & Religion: The strict structure of their tribe tends to impose a Lawful Neutral philosophy onto its members, though outcasts can be of any alignment. The tribe worships a single deity, an ancient god of both men and horses, that they believe created their race in the beginning as a reward to a mighty hero and his beloved steed.

Language: Centaurs speak Centaur, and some learn Common.


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