Physical Description: Orcs vary drastically in physical appearance, even within family lines, but a few traits are common enough to make them recognizable. Orcs generally stand between 6 and 7 feet in height, with powerful builds. Females tend to be taller and bulkier on average with with wide hips and large breasts.
Orcs have green skin ranging from olive to almost black, and dark eyes and hair. Their lower canines grow into tusks, ranging in length from being barely visible above their bottom lip to protruding up past their nose. Combined with heavy brows and pointed ears, this gives them a bestial appearance.

Society: There is no single Orc civilization, instead there are hundreds of settlements scattered throughout the entirety of the world, as well as nomadic bands ranging across the sea and both polar continents. Tribal groups are generally matriarchal with one or more elder women holding absolute leadership by right of cunning and wisdom, though on occasion other forms of leadership will arise.
On the surface, orc society appears anarchic and brutal, but in fact it is ruled by a complex system of codes of tradition and honor which has existed virtually unchanged for millennia, and is ingrained in the very soul of every orc. These codes are the basic framework upon which every orc society is built whether a brutal warband or a rare egalitarian utopia.

Relations: Orcs are generally thought of as violent, savage, cruel brutes, a stereotype that holds true for many individuals and tribes. Whether this is their true nature or a response to the hatred and distrust that the so-called “civilized” races hold towards them is unclear, but there are certainly exceptions.
When orc tribes or individuals do interact peacefully with other civilizations they have to overcome very negative opinions, but when dealt with honestly their sense of honor makes them staunch and reliable allies.

Alignment & Religion: While they may appear chaotic and unpredictable to outsiders, orcs’ inborn codes of honor make them staunchly Lawful. They also have a racial tendency towards Misanthropy, though this varies by individual and by social group.
The Orcs have a small pantheon of racial gods, each deity embodying a single, broad aspect of orcish life and culture, and they occasionally venerate one or more of the gods of the world as well.

Language: Orcs speak Orcish. Some also learn Common.


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